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     A smartphone addicted thirteen-year-old is stranded alone in the wilderness after his outdoor expert grandpa is kidnapped! With no guide, no skills, and mysterious strangers hot on his tail, he struggles to navigate the wild, racing to meet a rescue plane… and hopefully his grandpa. Mixes a fictional wilderness survival tale with practical outdoor skills everyone should know--basically a "how-to-camp and canoe book" disguised as an adventure novel. My hope is that the survival story will keep their interest while the "how to stuff" will teach them right. Adults love it too!


     A riveting high-adventure tale AND a wilderness "skills" book in one!  Learn important outdoor skills: make fire in the rain, storm-proof your camp, tie useful knots, find wild foods that are safe to eat, read a map and compass, understand GPS, use a satellite phone, survive an encouter with a bear or moose, be safe in a lightning storm and more!


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If a special autograph/note is desired, please remember to include your instructions at the time you order the book.  Put it in the ADD A NOTE section in check out.  Or contact Cliff HERE.



*Please send reviews to CLIFF.

•      "Dear Cliff Jacobson, I started your book a day or two ago and I am almost done. I haven't been able to take my eyes off of it. I don't usually read a ton, but I have sat down for hours. And just by the way, I am being completely honest." Joey Sullivan, age 13.


•     "I have recently downloaded your new book and I have really enjoyed reading it. I have been hired as a reading intervention teacher and I would like to use this book in my classroom.  I anticipate it to be a big hit among my middle school students!"  Bob Stein


•      "Cliff’s new book is a fun and quick read even for old guys."

John Kuhfahl


•     "Good read, adventure, intrigue, knowledgeable. A great way to teach wilderness skills and create an interest."  William


•     "Loved it! Easy read." Jeff Crooks


•     "Cliff, I just read your book about Justin Cody. Nicely done!  I've been paddling for 50 years and it is probably the most concise writing on basic woodcraft. I enjoyed it."  Jay Hanks


•     "I am reading this book right now. It is a great story and I am learning so much. I am going to get a copy for each of my scouts in troop 107."  Ronald Bayens

Justin Cody's Race to Survival!

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