Thirteen-year-old Justin Cody is failing two classes and is addicted to texting and playing video games. Forced to take a wilderness canoe trip in Canada with his Grandpa Henry, Justin is thrust into a race for survival when the two discover a top secret drone developed by the U.S. military. Grandpa Henry is kidnapped and Justin—who knows nothing about canoeing and camping—must canoe alone to a distant lake that promises rescue.


RACE TO SURVIVAis a high adventure tale and a wilderness skills book in one!  Young readers will be entertained while they learn practical outdoor skills. Some examples are: How to read a map and compass; make fire when the woods are wet with rain; rig a storm-proof camp; what to do when you’re caught in a lighting storm; tips to repel mosquitoes and black flies; important knots; essentials for a stay in the woods; emergency signals; wild foods that you can easily find and safely identify; what to do if you meet a bear or cow moose while you’re hiking—and much more!


Most of the events are based upon real-life experiences.  42,000 words, color. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Adults love it too!




• "Dear Cliff Jacobson, I started your book a day or two ago and I am almost done. I haven't been able to take my eyes off of it. I don't usually read a ton, but I have sat down for hours. And just by the way, I am being completely honest." Joey Sullivan, age 13


    • "I have recently downloaded your new book and I have really enjoyed reading it. I have recently been hired as a reading intervention teacher and I would like to use this book in my classroom. I anticipate it to be a big hit among my middle school students!"    Bob Stein


    • ​"Cliff’s new book is a fun and quick read even for old guys.   John Kuhfahl

    • "Good read, adventure, intrigue, knowledgeable. A great way to teach wilderness skills and create an interest.” William


    • "Loved it! Easy read." Jeff Crooks


    • I am reading this book right now. It is a great story and I am learning so much. I am going to get a copy for each of my scouts in Troop 107.  Ronald Bayens

Justin Cody's Race to Survival! (e-book)