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Twenty-five true life scenarios probe the concerns that are part of every canoe trip. Some scenarios describe life-threatening situations; others detail inefficient canoeing and camping practices. All pose a serious problem which you must solve. The solutions aren't obvious and often there is more than one right answer. Give each problem your best shot then read the Action Taken scene which suggests a reasonable plan. Have fun discussing options as you try to “beat the experts” which, as you'll discover don‘t always make the right decisions. Interspersed among life-threatening scenarios are in-depth answers to the most frequently asked questions about canoeing and camping.


Find the Audible Version retitled Paddler's Guide: What To Do When Things Go Sour (Life Saving Scenarios for Avoiding Problems, Pitfalls, and the Unexpected,  on Amazon HERE.

e-Book : Canoeist's Questions and Answers - See Description for Audible Title

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