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Consultant Services

  • Little Rapids Corporation (product development)

  • Eckerd Family Youth Services (curriculum advisor to the Florida base)

  • Tundra Holdings, Inc. (program development)

  • Devlin & Devine, Attorneys at Law (Conshohoken, Pennsylvania)—expert witness, river drowning, 2001.

  • HACH Chemical Co. (curriculum development)

  • Cooke Custom Sewing (product design)

  • Bell Canoe Works (products and design)

  • Piragis Northwoods Co. (products)

  • Silva Co. (a division of Johnson Camping) (curriculum development)

  • Frost River Co. (product design)

  • Cannondale Corp. (product design)

  • Dagger Canoe Co. (Team Dagger)

  • CLG Enterprises

  • Idaho Knife Works

  • Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories

  • Duluth Pack

  • Ernst & Mattison Law Firm, Expert Witness, Neuman vs. Aspen (Campfire burn incident), 2010.

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